Office Design Tips and Guidelines


The Diamond Desk Series

The new Diamond Desk Series by Skutchi Designs is a versatile office system comprised of well-balanced elements that can be configured to meet a nearly infinite number of design challenges. Featuring elegant floating… Continue reading

2016 Office Design Trends

As the commercial design industry rapidly embraces new ways of thinking and more attention is shifted to employee comfort, retention and engagement than ever before, office designers are no longer only concerned with… Continue reading

Choosing the right finish for your furniture

Whether you decide to swaddle your office in soft, recycled polyester and mesh fabric or deck it out in more leather and steel than an 1980’s heavy metal rocker, the choices you make… Continue reading

Office Ergonomics

As you read this article you are most likely seated at your computer in an office chair, leaned at least slightly forward with your head protruding further than your chest and ignoring the… Continue reading

Building Modular

When you think of modular building you might be brought back to memories of elementary school and those drafty, smelly, trailer-style classrooms commonly dubbed “The Portables”. Usually late additions that were always bone chillingly… Continue reading

Germs, the office and you.

It’s that time of the year again, flu season. Time to stock up on hand sanitizer, Kleenex, Lysol, vitamin C and avoid any coughing or sneezing coworkers like the plague. Having just overcome… Continue reading

Office Noise

Office noise, it’s distracting, it prevents you from concentrating on your work and it seems like there is nothing that you can about it. Well, good news, there is. Office noise levels are… Continue reading

Cubicle Care

Work Surfaces: Skutchi Designs manufactures work surfaces with high pressure laminate, a very durable and resilient material made from layered pieces of resin-treated paper that are fused together during production and applied to… Continue reading

Classroom Design

It really does matter…                          School design and furniture have come a long way since the advent of the first students desk in 1881 (John Loughlins Fashion Desk). Before this the children who… Continue reading