Creating a Productive and Attractive Work Environment

ImageAs much as we may hate to admit it, we spend a lot of time in the office. Many of us suffer in a corporate environment that is poorly designed, and we make do with whatever furniture is afforded to us. But those in the know are conscious of the fact that an effective, personalized workspace and intelligently engineered office furniture makes all the difference in our productivity and overall effectiveness. When constructing a professional business space there are certain considerations to keep in mind.

Create a Punch List

Prior to deciding what furniture you will need, make a detailed list of your company’s most basic office needs. The list should include items you must have for your office such as a computer, fax, printer, telephone, file storage, conference rooms, and etcetera. When creating the needed inventory, think about the ways in which you plan to utilize the office as well.

Choose Your Location

If you are in a corporate environment, chances are your location is predetermined, but you still need to consider how best to use this space. Consider the location of windows, the entrance and the placement of wall outlets. In most cases, the desks and workstations should be positioned to make the most use of available natural lighting. Skutchi designs Emerald Series cubicles can help with this issue when it is not possible for everyone to have a window view or direct natural light.  The Emerald series provides the option of having an upper layer of glass atop the cubicles so light is not blocked.

Measure Twice Cut Once

Measure the dimensions of your office as well as all the furniture. Determining if the furniture you would like to have will fit in the area allocated is crucial.  Use graph paper and scale down the measurements to fit the graph paper. For example, one square on the graph paper can equal one foot in your measurements. Measure the same way with the furniture onto the graph paper, cutting these paper models out so they can be used for placement.  Now, not everyone is this handy or has the time to perform these somewhat tedious tasks.  That is why Skutchi Designs is proud to be a full service company providing computer generated layouts for you.  All you need are the measurements of the room and the locations of key objects such as doors, windows, beams, and so forth.

Select Furniture Designed to Work for You

There are many choices when it comes to office furniture and in particular the most central component – the cubicle. While it may appear to be just a place for you to work, quality office furniture should integrate your technology and promote efficiency. Keep your electronic components in mind. Beyond your computer and printer, think about your cell phone, video camera or music player. A good desk includes wire management to keep those unsightly cords out of view. Skutchi Designs Emerald Series Cubicles all have easily accessible racetrack wire management in every panel.

Choose Furniture that Reflects Your Style

Now be creative! Choose furniture that reflects your style. Are you looking for something traditional, or contemporary? A professional office needs a consistent look, so choose a common aesthetic for your desks, storage cabinets, chairs and other prominent elements.  All of which one of our customer service representatives would be happy to help you with.  Are you designing by theme? Color?  Allow us to assist you in turning your vision into reality.

Account for Files and Supplies

Don’t forget all of the other elements that make up your office. A great workstation is one thing, but if it is piled with paperwork and supplies, it isn’t conducive to working. Utilize file storage drawers and cabinets to keep everything neat and organized. Mobile file cabinets provide flexibility as well as additional workspace. A locking file cabinet may be required to keep your files secure. All of which are available at our fully featured website.

In order to create an effective office, everything needs to have its place. Once you have a place for everything, STICK WITH IT! By focusing on the details during the setup of your office, you can ensure that you have created a space where you actually want to work!

To become inspired about your office, check us out at

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