Scaling Down the Office

 Feeling like your cubicle walls are closing in around you? That just may be accurate. A combination of the distressed economy and the invasion of mobile technology is changing the workplace scenery; literally.

small cube lifeThe word “cubicle,” which emerged in the 15th century, is derived from the Latin word for bedroom. But the office partitions to which most white-collars workers are accustomed were introduced in the late 1960s. Cubicles have become handsome to corporate America because they are an efficient way to give employees an office without depending on heavy construction and in the case of the Emerald and Sapphire Systems from Skutchi Designs can be taken along if the company is moving, either across the hall or across the country.

A CNN study shows that in 1994, the average office worker had 90 square feet of office space, but the area had been reduced down to 75 square feet in 2010, according to the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), a professional network for the facility management industry. Space for senior office workers minimized, too, from 115 square feet in 1994 to 96 square feet in 2010. But not to fret, that corner office keeps growing! During this same time, space for executive management actually increased.

“In recent years, we’ve seen how companies are trying to shed real estate cost,” says Shari Epstein, director of research at the IFMA. “When you have less space to work, you will try to cram as many people into one space.”

The economy isn’t the only reason office space is shrinking. Better technology has eliminated bulky computers that took up most of the traditional cubicle’s space as well as reducing an office’s carbon footprint.

Skutchi Designs has adopted this new trend that is sweeping office buildings across the nation.  They have found a way to make work areas more space effective, yet still giving the illusion of a larger space. Through the manipulation of sound light and color, Skutchi has answered the call. Cubicles range from mini call centers to floor to ceiling executive suites. Emerald and Sapphire Cubicles create just the right blend of privacy and collaboration. With easy attaching panels and connectors, installation and reconfiguring is a cinch and the possibilities are endless!

So whether it is improving the financial bottom line by trimming rent or accommodating smaller technologies, today’s office personnel are seeing their work spaces diminish.  Do not be a victim of the trend; make it work for you with the help of Skutchi Designs! Call (888)993-3757 or visit with any questions or help on upcoming projects.

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