Office Cubicles & Interiors To YOUR Standards-Skutchi Goes Custom

ImageSkutchi Designs is proud to announce the launch of its own semi-custom line.  The semi-custom line is the newest addition to their Emerald Series glass cubicles.  When the office systems company relocated to Conway, South Carolina via New York, they had to seek out a way to satisfy customer’s needs of class act cubicles that won’t break the bank.  The answer: semi custom cubicles.

Businesses now have the opportunity to take stock panels and personalize their size, color, and even material. Customers can choose a color scheme to match their office, logo, or chose a fresh color palette.  Traditional panels can be transformed with different color fabrics, laminate, and/or glass.  Skutchi Designs has gone so far as to offer frosted, stained and etched glass as well.Image

Skutchi Designs is known nationwide for their quick-ship stock cubicles with a 72 hour or less turnaround time; something that is practically unheard of in the industry. They have also taken the e-commerce furniture world by storm, providing 1000’s of high quality products. is not just another web-based business; in fact they are a full service company.  From finding just the right piece to designing an entire space from scratch, their design team and customer care will walk you through it all. ImageOur unmatched customer service and attention to detail are what set us apart from the rest.

Skutchi Designs is honored to release their new semi-custom, design-able line for the beginning of 2013. We are poised to make larger than life moves this year. Whether we are working on a project for the government, a Fortune 500 company, or our neighbor down the street, everyone will be excited to see all the new products we have up our sleeves for this year.

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