Make the 9-5 Bearable!

Make the 9-5 Bearable!

Its 6:30 a.m. and off your alarm goes. Unconsciously going through the motions, you get up, get dressed and get on your way to the virtual nightmare known as your job.  Let’s make it better: an hour worth of traffic is ahead of you before you even start your day and oh yea I almost forgot- its Monday! You rush into the office as not to be late, cup of over-priced coffee in hand and your official clock watching marathon has begun. You leer with envy as you pass the corner office with the incredible view, and make your way to your own personal captivity cell for the next torturous eight hours-your cubicle!

The cubicle has indeed been the butt of many jokes as well as a main staple in movies and TV shows based on work place parodies, but today I’m here to defend it! I know what you’re thinking and you’re wrong- I am not the one in the corner office- I’m a fellow cube dweller!  The cubicle is sadly misunderstood.  Let’s face it- although we all would like the corner office overlooking the park, logically and financially it’s just not possible for a company to provide this.  Cubicles are a cost effective way to accommodate multiple employees whether it be four or four hundred. They provide an equal balance of privacy and managerial supervision alike, and who doesn’t like to decorate their own workspace?

Like anything else in this world, not all cubicles are created equally!!  Our Emerald Series Cubicals are here to wash away your hum drum work day blues.  So to prove that it is possible to enjoy your personal work area, let’s examine some common issues that force the negative connotation.

1.)    “I feel like I’m in a box!”

2.)    “I can’t stand listening to the guy next to me talking on the phone!”

3.)    “Aren’t we working as a team?”

Issue number one. Is the room getting smaller?  We thoroughly understand Claustrophobia can very easily set in when in a confined area, so we kept that in mind when designing.  Our grayish beige walls and white trim are bright and inviting, making the work space seem even larger similar to the effect of a lightly painted room.  The best part has to be the glass that runs along the top of the cube.  Not only is it quite handsome, but it allows an abundance of light to radiate into the area, dismissing that dungeonous feeling.

Issue number two. No noise is good noise. As if the work day isn’t painful enough, we understand that no one wants to listen to the person next to him’s problems!  That’s why we’ve designed our cubes to be able to prevent sound pollution.  When choosing The Emerald Series you have the option of situating the work surface so you are facing the corner.  This way, any sound waves produced are being directed to the corner of the cube and not to the guy next to you.  The fabric walls are designed to absorb sound as well creating a multifunctional semi private workspace.

Issue number three.  There’s no “I” in team.  More and more commonly, large and small companies alike are finding that employees that work as a team are grossly more effective than the individual paper -pushing employees of yesterday.  With our new Emerald series we now have the ability to accommodate a team based structure!  We can design your cubes in a matter to fit your needs, whether you are going for a “bull pen” feel or creating an entirely new space in general! Your imagination is the limit!

Of course we can’t forget the bosses and CEOs out there.  Maximum output- minimum overhead- we get it!  Because we manufacture our own cubicles, we are typically 70% less than our competitors with an equal or greater quality!  Cubes can also be made custom with your choice fabric if desired and all are tack able and can be electrified if needed.  Whether you are looking for a small or large work area, Emerald Series cubicles are the perfect answer to satisfy any office’s needs! Check us out online @ or give us a call @ 1-888-99desks ( 1-888-993-3757)!

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