Picking a Winner

cubicle landscapes, cube designAlthough they may seem to be all the same, cubicle walls can actually make a significant difference in the performance, look, and feel of your new office cubicles. What many people don’t realize is that the materials used and quality of construction of your cubicle walls can have a serious impact on the acoustics of your cubicles. Cubicle Landscapes Emerald Series and Sapphire Series are cubicle walls that are built of high-quality materials with insulation can reduce outside noises, keeping your employees focused and creating a more relaxing office environment. Further, the way the cubicle walls are constructed makes a difference. Beyond the height of your cubicle walls, they are fully tackable, with over 2-inch thick walls that act as a sound buffer.

Another aspect of picking out the perfect workstations for your office is their appearance. There are a seemingly infinite number of options on the market for cubicle wall coverings and frame materials. Cubicle Landscapes offers its quick ship Emerald Series for a modern conservative look with its charcoal trim and toffee colored fabric.  With the semi-custom and fully custom options though- the sky is the limit! Go big and  bold colors to add a pop or floor to ceiling glass to make a statement.  However, it’s important to find a balance between the style you want and the quality you need. Plus, the style of your office cubicle walls can impact how outsiders see your company. For example, dark colors portray a more serious, traditional style, while bright colors and patterns convey a modern, upbeat feel.

Regardless of the cubicle walls, style, and design you desire, Cubicle Landscapes is your one stop shopping spot for all of your office furniture needs. Call 877-323-2823 or e-mail us today sales@cubiclelandscapes.com for more information about the styles of cubicle walls and other modular office furniture we offer.