What to Expect When You Are Expecting….Cubicles

What to Expect When You Are Expecting….Cubicles 

Before Receiving

  • If you need your cubicles on a scheduled date or at a scheduled time, please inform your sales representative when placing order or as soon as possible in order for us to accommodate said request. An extra charge may be inquired.
  • If you do not have forklift or loading dock, please inform your sales representative of this.  You will need a liftgate with delivery in order to bring contents of shipment to ground level.  Skids are heavy!! A liftgate charge will be included with delivery charge unless otherwise noted.
  • If you are assembling your own workstations be sure to check out our youtube channel with all of our instructional videos prior to receiving goods.  http://www.youtube.com/user/skutchi1

Old Dominion Truck has arrived!

  • Inspect every pallet to ensure there are no visible damages. If there are damages please inform the driver immediately so that the problem can be rectified.
  • Open your shipment.
  • Located in the parts box are your instructions, exact floor plan and packing list for constructing cubicles.
  • Open all boxes.  Match up items you have received to packing list to ensure all product has been received.
  • If there are any damages- immediately take a picture of damaged item and email it to your contact at Skutchi Designs.
  • Assemble your cubicles!!


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