Evolution of Offices & The Work Space

Everyone has there own opinion about the right work environment. 


  • PRIVATE OFFICES: Before the cubicle we had private offices.  As business and office demands increased, and the need to get more out of a work day…the private office space was found to be an impracticable waste of space and money.
    • Down Come the walls and up come the cubicles. This is a more practical use of space where more employees can be utilized with enough room to work.
  • OPEN SPACES:  These days people are looking for wide open spaces. Although studies show this is not the best idea. With open spaces you have less privacy and more noise. These kinds of distractions can cause the most focused person to, well, loose focus. 
  • HOME OFFICE: While some may think this is ideal, the reality is usually not ideal. Working from home can be very isolating for the employee. In this day of collaboration and the nature of “ideas” being a big commodity, working from home makes no sense. Additionally, it’s difficult to monitor your employee.

Truthfully, there’s no ONE fit for every business. So, let’s get down to the nitty gritty of the office and what is important to ALL businesses…the bottom line! Space is expensive, as is heating and air conditioning.

The question then becomes….How many people can we fit into an area comfortably?

Consider your cubicle options~

A. Maximum privacy and block as much sound as possible. Use cubicles walls to create this scenario.

B. Create a collaborative working environment which fosters noise but can be creatively motivating. This can be created using low cubicles, or desks with small dividers.

C. Create a private office that can be sustainable using modular walls. This is called systems furniture that can be moved or reconfigured based on your needs or use standard sheet rock that is permanent.

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