How To Measure For Cubicles and Office Space Planning

How to Measure for Cubicles and Office Space Planning

From concept to completion

The first step to getting a space planning project started are measurements of your planned office space.  The measurements, notation of columns, walls and windows is crucial in space planning. For example, if we know where available walls or column space is located we can utilize that space as a way to mount panels and workspace. This results in one less panel and more savings for you.

Now, there’s one of two ways we can get the measurements and layout of the office space. One is with architectural drawings. They’re perfect as they give exact measurements and location of columns, windows or areas we would need to work around or could work with.

Unfortunately, you don’t always have access to architectural plans when you need them. If this is the case, a simple line drawing will work. You just need to measure off the space. For those who break out in a panic when having to measure, take a deep breath and just keep a few simple things in mind and let us take care of the rest.

 When measuring and mapping out office space:

1. Measure all walls taking into consideration any, corners, columns or posts. (fig. A.)

1a. Note any columns or structures within the floor space

1b. Note any pipes, radiators or other fixed structures within the space

2. Mark down doorway and window spaces (fig B.)

3. Note any open or walkway spaces (fig C.)

4. If using architectural plans simply notate the space (fig D.)

How To Measure for Cubicles and Office Space Planning

How To Measure for Cubicles and Office Space Planning

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