Sapphire Cubicles Breakout

The Sapphire Cubicle System is a completely customizable tile cubicle system. This system’s customization allows us to be flexible in designing a workspace to fit your exact needs. From 42″ height panel walls, all the way to the ceiling, we can build your cubicle specific to the need and size of your space.

Keep in mind, we need 10-12 weeks to manufacture the Sapphire Cubicle System. The wait, if you have the time, is 100% worth it. Not only are we able to build the cubicles to your exact specifications, we offer completely custom fabrics and trim color options. Our glass line has varying levels of clarity to allow just the right amount of light and privacy.

The options are endless.


  • 3 1/4″ Thick panel walls
  • Tackable panels
  • Single hinged cable channel on bottom

    track of panel for easy access to electric and data

  • Double sided glass
  • Huge line of accessory options
  • Comes standard with file cabinets
  • Durable work surfaces
  • 100’s of fabrics and trims to choose from


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