Feng Shui Office Tips

feng shui your officeFeng shui is an ancient art used for achieving harmony and balance in life and home. It can also be used to achieve success in your business. Many companies have applied this practice to their office space design in an effort to create greater unity and prosperity in the workplace.

In this article we briefly explore the ancient practice of feng shui and tips on creating a feng shui office. Look for additional resources listed at the end of this blog.


When it comes to your work space, how you design and arrange interiors as well as its exterior have an affect on the flow of good chi (energy). Start with assessing the look of your businesses exterior. The exterior is the first thing that greets you and it should induce positive energy. There are other specific directions like the door should open in. The end result is good chi flowing into your store.


feng shui office tips

Photo Credit: homedit.com

Now, let’s step inside. When you come inside your work space, pay attention to where your attention is immediately drawn.  The location to where you are drawn is considered to be the flow of chi inside your work space. Use this information to help determine how you should make the good chi flow through your work environment. For this you may need to create some pathways for the energy to flow in the same way that you would want your clients or employees to explore or move through your office space. Consideration and implementation of right flow paths make for an efficient work space and give “energy” to your clients and employees.

The way you arrange your office furniture can also affect your business. A few tips to consider:

1. It is considered good feng shui to always sit with a solid wall behind your back.
2. Sitting with your back to a window for long periods of time is considered bad feng shui.
3. In the same way,  you shouldn’t be facing a solid wall while working for long periods of time.


Light and air flow are essential in the energy and flow of chi. Thankfully this aspect of design can be the least expensive, if there are plenty of windows and other exhaust options already in place. If this is the case, simply open windows for air flow. Additionally, choose light or sheer curtains so that you are not blogging natural light. Try to make sure that air has a means of going inside your office by trying to open windows.  As mentioned above, the positioning of your office furniture should also be laid out so that it doesn’t block the flow of feng shui officeenergy into your office surroundings.


Unfortunately, most offices today are closed in with many environmental pollutants floating around. The feng shui solution is indoor plants. Plants can be an inexpensive solution for combating poor air quality and inviting good chi to flow through your office space.  Find a great list of plant options for your office space be clicking here: http://fengshui.about.com/od/health/tp/nasaplants.htm/.

Water symbolizes wealth and prosperity in feng shui. Water fountains are the perfect solution for bringing this energy into your office. There are no design rules to follow when picking out your fountain. Pick what pleases you and is in your office design budget.

Tools and additional resources on feng shui office design:

Feng Shui Defined: Feng Shui literally translates as “wind-water” in English and is the Chinese art or practice of positioning objects or structures so as to harmonize with spiritual forces. It is based on a belief in patterns of Yin and Yang and the flow of energies (Chi) that have positive and negative effects. The practice commonly influences orientation, placement, or arrangement. Source: http://blog.buildllc.com/.

Tips on creating a feng shui desk: http://www.feng-shui-and-beyond.com/feng-shui-desk.html

Great tips and visuals can be found here: http://www.homedit.com/using-feng-shui-in-the-office/ 

The Feng Shui Bagua – The map and essential tool in feng shui design. View the video below to understand how to use it.

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