Planning your new business and Moving In ~ Part 2

Are you a DIYer?

Now that the new office planning is done, let’s consider space planning and installation in more depth. There’s two ways you can go here, hire experts or do it yourself. Below are a  few tips and considerations to help you make the right decision for your company.

new businessSo my first tip is to, consider hiring  an expert If you have the budget for this it makes the most sense. The initial upfront investment usually ends up being a lot less then what you end up paying as you go. It doesn’t hurt to call around and get quotes and insight into the cost of installation and the space planning options out there. Often times the place you purchase your furniture through will do free space planning saving you the cost of hiring a designer. And when it comes to installation, you have to ask yourself, “Are you handy?” If you’re not then your investment in professional installers may save you time and money in the long run.

For those DIYers, follow these steps to get you organized and prepared for moving day.

Space Planning – If purchasing new cubicles and office furniture inquire about free space planning services. Our company provides this service for free. Our clients love the time it saves them and how thorough we are in helping them think through things that wouldn’t have crossed their mind to begin with.

If you need to draw up your office layout yourself take the time to measure your space and sketch it out (see our how to measure here). Take in all aspects of the space, windows, doors, beams, etc. From there make your list of furnishings you have and what you need. Develop your space plan by adding in dimensions and calculating your furnishing needs. Head back to the previous post and check out the bullet on space planning.

Hiring Movers/Installers – Negotiating with the movers and installers doesn’t take a lot of knowledge, just time. This is an important part of orchestrating the move and installation office moveof your work space and you want to make sure you you are working with a reputable company. After you have received several quotes, try to determine a baseline for negotiating the cost further and understanding what’s a fair cost in the industry. Remember to consider if you are going to need clean up and haul away of your debris.

When you receive final quotes make sure to get a break out of all the services. This way you can see exactly what the project includes. Things like clean up and haul away may not be included and you don’t want to be stuck with a huge mess and no way to take care of it.

TIP! Another thing to consider, just because it’s the cheapest quote doesn’t mean it’s the obvious quote. Ask for references and follow up with those. Look online for references and check with the BBB to make sure there are no complaints against them. Another resource is is another option for researching your potential movers. The installation and moving of your furnishings is a big investment and your have to rely on them being professional, on time, and 100% capable of handling the job. Otherwise, you may be waiting on move in day with nothing but boxes and your boss glaring at you!

Office Furniture Space Planning

This could be you on Move In Day!

Electric & Data – Obviously you need to get your electric, cable, and internet running; but what other electric needs do you have? How many workstations are there? Do you need them electrified? What about wire management for your computer, printers, light source, et cetera? These are things you need to consider and consult with a professional on and hire a licensed electrician. Again, it’s about making sure you have a thorough and trusted professional who can help you get the project done right the first time.

We can help!

Opening a new office or relocating can be a nerve racking, but exciting, experience. The logistics to moving or opening a business without a hitch and no interruption in your regular business day, can be overwhelming. This purpose of this blog is to give you a few top considerations for your project. As mentioned before, if you are purchasing new cubicles, workstations and office furniture, give us a call at 888.99.3757. We can space plan your entire project for free and project manage many aspects of the job so that you can get back to yours.

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