Top 4 Home Office Design Articles

home office inspirationWhy in the world is a cubicle and national contract furniture company writing about home office design ideas? Well, because we love design and innovation. Those home offices are where our nations entrepreneurs and our country was built on innovators and entrepreneurs. We like to take a peak into what innovators are doing with their work space…the place they incubate the next billion dollar start-up ( so when they call us to space plan and outfit they’re building, we can design around the place it all started…there’s always a plan).

In our research we have come across several great inspirational articles that are chocked full of ideas. And don’t forget to hit up Pinterest for office design inspiration.

30 Creative Home Office Ideas: Working from Home in Style 

This article offers a nice collection of home office spaces to pull ideas from in a wide variety of looks…although most have a clean modern office look.

30 Inspirational Home Office Desks 

desks, you space where you rest your workbook, your pens and pencils and sometimes bang your head on in frustration. This post offers some cool ideas for your home office.

Amanda Holstein’s Simply Cozy Home Office 

While this post focuses on one space, it’s an inspiration point for being eclectic and possibly just recycling what you have around the house.

47 Amazingly Creative Ideas for Designing A Home Office Space

In this article they offer a look into a wide variety of designs and styles along with environmental insight with arranging your home office space.

We have a few quick tips and an overvewi about a feng shui office design here:

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