How To Be Happier at Work

Here at Skutchi Designs we love an infographic. It’s the whole idea that you can quickly learn something about yourself with snappy images and short descriptions. We tend to be an attention deficit culture these days, running busy and all around, but we are a curious species always ready to evolve and learn…therefore…thank you infographic creators!

So when I came across this cool infographic from the amazing people at, I had to share. Not only is it about happiness, it’s about happiness at work and one mission of our blog, is to make your work day better. OF COURSE, we like to talk about how our products can help you enjoy your work day better, we are a business and our products are great! Mostly, our blog is about tips to make your business better and sharing information to help you achieve work/life balance.

Inforgraphic can also be found at

Be Happy At Work