My office says…

Ensure Your First Impression Isn’t Your Last

                             Imagine you were to walk into an accountants office for the first time and immediately you notice that the dated light fixtures cast a dim glow which only accentuates the aged wall paper, the slightly fraying carpet and the lounge furniture that has long since seen better days. Most likely you also imagine not giving them your business and possibly running for the door. Now think of an office that has bright natural lighting accompanied by modern hanging fixtures, a sleek coffee table crouched before a pair of pristine, elegant lounge chairs and a receptionist seated behind a tall, modern desk. Obviously this highly polished reception area is much more inviting and therefore would logically garner more business than the first office. In business, image can be the difference between utter failure and success, so we must ask ourselves “What does my office say to my clients?”

First Impression

                            As the old adage goes “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” This has always held true, especially in business meetings where a client usually forms an opinion of a company within the first few minutes of interaction. What do your clients see when they come to your business? Will they be greeted with bright, energetic colors or calming neutral tones? Is there ample, comfortable seating? Natural or artificial light? All these and more are factors that will contribute to the way a possible client thinks of your business from the very moment they walk in, and creating an inviting entrance area is key in bringing in possible customers. Skutchi Designs offers a wide selection of furniture and accessories that can make your reception area and office space stand out among a sea of competitors by offering different material and color options along with complimentary space planning and design services.

Keep It Business Appropriate

                           One thing you want to avoid is sending the wrong impression about your company by not matching the décor to the manner of business you conduct. For example, a doctors office most likely would want to use a color scheme that exudes calm with pastels or earth tones while a business dealing with sports equipment may want to use vibrant neon and bright colors that could be associated with high energy environments and activities. Sticking to colors and materials that someone can associate with the products or services they are looking for can make them feel that they’ve come to the right place and will encourage them to remember you when they think of these things. Simple color association may be the difference between securing a return customer or being forgotten.

Know The Trends

                          While being on the cutting edge of the latest design trends may seem important it is not always necessary to make a lasting positive impression. Sometimes a classic, traditional approach is more appropriate and using timeless techniques and looks can create a feeling of regality and sophistication. Knowing the trends, however, can grant advantages, especially in offices that are looking to achieve a modern feel. Blending natural materials such as unfinished stone, leathers, stained and exotic woods or even live plants with industrial accents like chrome, steel, cement and resins can create a very modern and refreshing environment which is a fast growing and increasingly desired look. While it may seem eclectic the proper combination of these materials can be sophisticated and inspiring. For anyone trying to achieve a certain atmosphere or even just trying to decide what look is right for them has the services and products to help you create a unique and functional workspace that will impress and inspire.

What Does It All Mean?

                         What it all comes down to is that no matter what manner of business you do, you can create a work space that is inviting to potential clients and business partners and also a place in which employees will look forward to spending time in. Whether you want the latest looks or a classic vibe there is no better way to start than with Skutchi Designs for quality products and friendly, helpful service at every stage of your project. Give us a call anytime at 1-888-993-3757 and start your path to a better workplace environment!

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