Building Modular

When you think of modular building you might be brought back to memories of elementary school and those drafty, smelly, trailer-style classrooms commonly dubbed “The Portables”. Usually late additions that were always bone chillingly cold or so hot that you had to peel yourself away from your plastic chair when class was over. While many people think of these wooden and sheet metal boxes when they recall modular buildings this is a dated view of what are now stylish, modern, environmentally friendly and cost effective options. Nowadays modular construction has made its way into the office with exciting and innovative ways to build a workspace that promotes collaboration and teamwork while still affording employees and management some privacy and quiet areas when needed.

                                   Modular partitions and walls have enjoyed such a quick rise to popularity because of their flexible nature, they can be moved to accommodate a change in work force or location or simply rearranged to provide an isolated area for a specific project or meeting. The fact that these units are prefabricated in an offsite facility makes them almost completely mess free during installation so there is no need for major construction, painting or cutting which produces unwanted noise, dust or fumes and can require entire portions of an office to be closed and partitioned off. In addition to the relative cleanliness of installation it is also much quicker than conventional construction and requires much less labor resulting in reduced transactions and ultimately, reduced cost. Though the initial cost of a modular system may be close to that of traditional construction (though savings of up to 40% and even 50 % are not uncommon) the longterm cost will be substantially lowered when accounting for depreciation as a modular system can be completely depreciated over seven years with a yearly write off of 14.3% (1/7th project cost) where as a conventional or traditional construction project would depreciate over a period of thirty-nine years. The reason for this is because a modular installation doesn’t qualify as an actual addition to the structure like traditional methods of wall installation would. Another advantage of modular construction is its ability to accommodate future upgrades in technology and changes in style with removable panels that manufacturers like Skutchi Designs ( offer in nearly endless colors and patterns of fabric and laminate as well as glass.

                                   The benefits of building modular are hard to ignore and as more and more offices and corporations make better use of their space, time and money it becomes clear that modular building is not just a trend or novelty but an intelligent, flexible solution to the age-old problem of space management. With a modular system you are in total control of your space with the ability to change and rearrange it to fit your style of working and grow with your brand. Visit today or call 1-888-993-3757 and speak to a Skutchi Designs representative to learn more about the exclusive Sapphire Modular Office System.

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