Choosing the right finish for your furniture

Whether you decide to swaddle your office in soft, recycled polyester and mesh fabric or deck it out in more leather and steel than an 1980’s heavy metal rocker, the choices you make in fabrics and finishes can affect more than just the visual impression made by your office. The comfort of your guests and clients, the efficiency of your employees and even things like Greenguard and LEED certifications which can grant certain tax breaks (cha ching) are all affected by the materials you choose. The reputation of a company affects its value to both current and prospective clients and stakeholders and with increasing focus on the health of the environment many corporations are trying to obtain higher LEED certifications to promote a more positive public appearance and they are achieving this through the use of recycled materials in chairs, desks and other pieces of office furniture as opposed to new materials, exotic woods and the hides of endangered species a la Ted Nugent. Another factor to consider in your decision should be the maintenance of the furniture itself and its desired life expectancy, some materials fade and show wear before others and may not be suited for high traffic areas while others like high pressure laminate are virtually indestructible and may very well outlast the galaxy (I’ve got my money on the laminate). Cleaning is also an inevitability that must be taken into account and some finishes can be ruined if the wrong cleaner is used on them, always check with your manufacturer for cleaning instructions and if you’re unsure of a certain cleaning agent test it on a non-visible portion of the furniture before you risk a permanent streak across the back of your favorite chair or the top of an expensive new desk. The first as well as the last thing that should be considered is style, after all your clients and prospects don’t care about whether or not a Clorox wipe will ruin your upholstery. The appearance and aesthetic impact is what will be remembered when a customer walks out of the building and making a powerful and lasting impression could be the difference between landing a return customer or sending them running from your multi-patterned, floral printed nightmare.

In conclusion, careful planning, a little research and knowledge of your resources can ensure a design that is pleasing to the eye, the environment and your budget. All of this and more can be attained with Skutchi Designs, a Skutchi designer can help you achieve the perfect balance of form and function with thousands of products to choose from and a complete line of in-house manufactured cubicles and partitions as well as modular offices. For tough jobs, make the easy call to Skutchi Designs (1-888-993-3757).

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