About Us

dudley skutchi V2About Us:

SKUTCHI Designs is a national cubicle and office furniture company that specializes in designing our own line of cubicles, cubicle systems and space planning ideal work environments. Additionally, we have a compelling portfolio of loved and trusted brands that include Global, Mayline and more. From cubicles to conference tables, from whiteboards to demountable walls, and finally, from file cabinets to shelves, we have more than 1000 products on our websites.  Skutchi’s maintains and services customers nationwide. We have worked with fortune 500 companies, schools, libraries and the  Government.

Experience & Insight:

SKUTCHI’S owners have been in the cubicle and space planning business for over 20 years. That experience culminates in 1000’s of manufactured cubicles and installations. The years of experience allows real insight into the industry and a deep knowledge of what will work for clients and their budgets.  Our multifaceted approach to service, space planning, budget management and installation coordination, along with top quality product,  has Skutchi’s name climbing up the ranks of recognition. With clients such as Oppenheimer & Co, U.S. Army, and Berkley University of California, the Skutchi team have completed jobs of all sizes and budgets. We welcome designers, interior decorators, facility managers, company owners, and office mangers.

Mission Statement:

We understand that now more than ever, consumers seek greater value from the companies with which they do business. Dollars must work harder as people look to get the most from their investment. Skutchi Designs, Inc. offers that value to our customers with the right combination of style, convenience, quality and price. Our portfolio of brands is priced to include something for everyone, no matter what you choose to spend. Skutchi Designs, inc. strives to help you make smart choices when it comes to meeting your furniture needs.

Simply put, our mission is to leave YOU happy…we accomplish this by going above and beyond…everyday!

We are  a full service furniture company servicing nationwide: Layout & Design, Shipping and Installation. Give us a call at 1-888-99Desks.

Our products can be seen at skutchi.comskutchi.netcubicles.cc.


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